Muslim Shizuoka taste sprinkled Shizuoka Oden wasabi to Halal ...

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Muslim Shizuoka taste sprinkled Shizuoka Oden wasabi to Halal ... The United States is carrying out a missile attack on Syria. Syria is outrageous if you used the chemical weapons. However, it was an attack of in not confirmed. Not forced to recall the Iraq war. Although the war because of weapons of mass destruction held by Iraq, resulting in the Iraq war that did not have weapons of mass destruction. Situation in the Middle East and the Islamic world is a complex esoteric. This time, leave to organize about Islam. . Faith and precepts Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and faith the same God. Not known to the surprising, but they do share the roots. Islam is a monotheistic religion that was born after Judaism and Christianity, discharge the idol worship, respecting the service of God, that respect for mutual assistance and unity of believers is characteristic. When comparing Christianity and Islam, Christianity whereas the emphasis on the faith of the mind, Islam is respecting the action in accordance with the precepts. I do not know from the outside mind.

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