Muslim Shizuoka taste sprinkled Shizuoka Oden wasabi to Halal ...

Sharia enforcement of criminal law: standing Brunei Embassy of Japan

Muslim Shizuoka taste sprinkled Shizuoka Oden wasabi to Halal ... Enforcement of Sharia criminal law In Brunei, is part of the Sharia penal code based on Islam to 0 years been introduced as the first stage, it has been completely enforced from 0 date. The Sharia criminal law, there are many provisions that apply even in the foreigners and non-Muslims, and therefore of those provisions will also be applied to the target foreigners and travelers of Brunei living. The following is an example of the act that is punishable subject by the law and other laws and regulations, if you are going to be visiting one and Brunei of Japanese nationals, please pay attention. These are not limited to Brunei, also will be subject to act in Brunei aircraft and Brunei-registered ship. Drinking smoking in public Dining options, including restaurants, including the hotel lobby, in addition to drinking in public, sale purchase of alcohol, are also prohibited presented to the Muslims. It does not provide alcohol in Brunei aircraft, but will be subject to the act of drinking alcohol, which brought purchased in the duty-free shop on board.

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